Goa Judicial Services Exam – Civil Judge(Junior Division) – ToppersNotes – 9 Books – English Medium – Latest Edition


Crack Goa Civil Judge with ToppersNotes
Why use ToppersNotes for Goa Judicial Services Exam?
  1. ToppersNotes is an amalgamation of knowledge, hard work and consistent efforts of various toppers of Goa Judicial Services Exam, blended with the experience of teachers.
  2. Provides the best guidance into the Goa Judicial Services exam.
  3. The package is strictly based on the latest pattern of examination and covers the vast syllabus of Goa Civil Judge in just a crisp set of 9 books.
  4. A single reading of ToppersNotes can prepare you up to 30% for Goa Judicial Services Exam.
  5. For people who are preparing for the first time, ToppersNotes has acted as a true mantra for success as it gives an exact idea of every why, what and how of Goa Judicial Services examination.
Quality of ToppersNotes:-
  • Latest Edition of Notes.
  • Properly indexed with page numbers such that every topic is easily accessible.
  • Save cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a lesser price.
  • If you are doing self-study or have completed coaching then these are the must-have notes for your preparations.
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Goa Judicial Services Exam – Latest Edition
Complete Study Material has 9 Volumes.

Have a look at what is there inside ToppersNotes.(For samples click on hyperlink)

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4