UP-PSC -English Medium -Prelims & Mains -ToppersNotes -15 Books -Latest Edition


Crack UP-PCS with Toppersnotes

Why use Toppersnotes for UP-PCS?

  1.  ToppersNotes is an amalgamation of knowledge, hard work, and consistent efforts of various toppers of UP-PCS, blended with the experience of teachers.
  2. Provides the best guidance into the UP-PCS Syllabus for Pre & Mains.
  3. The package is strictly based on the pattern of examination and covers the vast syllabus of UP-PCS in just a crisp set of 11 books.
  4. A single reading of Toppersnotes can prepare you up to 30% for UP-PCS.
  5. For people who are preparing for the first time, ToppersNotes has acted as a true mantra for success as it gives an exact idea of every why what and how of UP-PCS preparation

Quality of Handwritten Toppers Notes:-

    1. Latest edition (2020) of  Notes.
    2. Written in clean and readable handwriting.
    3. Properly indexed with page numbers such that every topic is easily accessible
    4. Saves cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a small price

What else do you get with Toppers Notes?

  1. Topic-wise N.C.E.R.T(ebook)- Source of knowledge recognized by the Indian government, which makes it an integral part of the UP-PCS exam.
  2. Monthly Current Affairs( Click for Sample)– Important as a lot of questions are directly asked from current affairs.
  3. Mentorship( UP-PCS Experts)- To solve all your preparation related problems and help you make a strategy for the exam.


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